How It Works

Attending Events

Sign up

Users are required to sign in on ONSELE. Personal and contact information will be required to complete registration and sign-in


Users on ONSELE are presented with an array of events. Users can also search for events of interest, get recommendations from friends or from social ads


Buy tickets to any events of interest using any preferred payment option (online: using your credit/debit card, bank transfers; or offline: bank, retail outlets)

Share & Social

Read event stories by other users, tell stories, suggest what to expect, view and update pictures, meet and interact with other users going to the events, etc.

Create/Manage Events

Sign up

To get started, user first sign up for a free ONSELE account or log in to an existing account .

Create Event

Creating your event is as simple as just filling the event details such as title, descriptions, directions, dates, etc., select at least one ticket type.

Manage Event

After creating and promoting events, other users will be able to easily register for events and buy tickets online. Users are given the flexibility of continuously editing event page, though, even after promotion. The experience is easy, interactive and exciting.

Event Checkin

Set up Card Scanner

Event organizer download the attendees list to whatever device connected to the scanner. Scanner support both mobile handheld, and desktop devices

Scan Tickets

At the gate, attendees present tickets for mobile check-in, to the scanner for access into the venue. The scanner notifies card validity with a beep and green light, records attendee as checked-in, or out, if the attendee steps out.


Creating events on Onsele is absolutely FREE for free events, however, there is a 10% charge for paid events.

Onsele Cards

Onsele cards are NFC enabled multipurpose cards which are reusable for several events across the country. The cards also serve as loyalty cards with which you can enjoy percentage discounts from several partner outlets.