About Onsele

is an innovative solution that helps people manage and discover events. It is a new generation tool that supports the full spectrum of event management, leveraging on new technology, industry trends, and customers need to provide a robust solution that totally create a new dimension to managing and attending events.

We have carefully analyzed the current industry and its needs, and researched the technology that best fit individual needs. With ONSELE, we introduce various technologies that makes managing online ticketing an effective and exciting experience. ONSELE as an online electronic event ticket solution leverages on the latest technology for managing access. Our solution replaces the traditional paper tickets used by both online and offline platforms with Near Field Communication (NFC) Smartcards. The concept of ONSELE is developed with the mindset of creating a new event experience for both managers and attendees, with simplifying access to event by creating one ticket for all event. We will also leverage on social networks to increase event participation and engagement. With this, attendees can engage and interact with each other, share their experience about the event, make suggestions, etc. Planners can also leverage on this network to share event materials, monitor audience impressions and get detailed report on the performance of the events. The opportunities ahead are endless, and ONSELE is placed in a position of possibility. We are all about changing how people attend event, and giving them a new dimensional experience.


Counterfeiting and fraud due to paper tickets
Audience engagement
Queue Control
Extensive guest check-in time